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One charming and delightful, little weekend

A girls-only weekend full of snacks, jokes, gossip (just a little), and plain old fun. Each guest received a care package. The packages included two juicy clementines, mini notepads, orange slices, peach rings, goldfish crackers, and a monogrammed tag. The dining table donned a homemade wire globe (made by Kingbird Design) and a pretty milk glass vase full of clementines. The weekend was a (serious) delight.

  • 2 Juicy
  • Bagged Clementines
  • Clementine Vase
  • Clementine Vase 2
  • Goldfish Cracker Cone
  • Goldfish Cracker Cone 2
  • Mini Notepads
  • Monogrammed Tags
  • Monogrammed Tags 2
  • Orange Slice
  • Package Perspective
  • Peach Rings
  • Peach Rings Stacked
  • The Invite
  • The Whole Package
  • Wire World

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